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Saturday, February 26, 2011

movie review-7 khoon maaf

About movie-7 khoon maaf is a classy tale of a girl,named Suzanna who in search of love infact a better true love goes on murdering her husbands,and even fails,finally c surrenders to Jesus!!

infact,story would have been much interesting if the 7 characters were reduced to either 2 or 3,which would rather provide much interest and thrill,it seems hurry to show 7 characters and their murder have really spoilt the gr8 curry!!though direction(by Vishal Bhardwaj) is of top notch but director alone cant bring the rave reviews,it lacks strong story!

Actors-Priyanka Chopra,is only the movie for and c holds her character throughout and is again with an award winning performance,Annu kapoor,John,Naseer,Irfan,Neil are all fit nd fine,they have given their upto!


on the whole-watch it only for Priyanka otherwise its not a movie to rush for!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Movie Review

Movie :Patiala House

Genre:Romantic Family drama

Overall:not so excellent(in the sense that we have watched such flicks many times),but the bravo performances of the cast keep u hold throughout the movie,mixes the emotions,drama,romances and the dreams of a house,this Patiala House can be an example of many of your houses or the families.this movie ofcourse will have a safe landing cauz of its big star cast and the good direction(by Nikhil Advani)!!


Akshay kumar-as a romantic emotional actor is much better than his last few superflops comic character,he stands with his dignity this time and make the families cry!yaa!!u gonna b happy seeing him.

Anushka Sharma-this gal with her each movie hitting the chartbusters,is surely to rule ur heart,c is really "to be carried home material"!!!

Others-after their romantic success "Bobby" Dimple and Rishi kapoor have geared up wid this drama and this time much strictly and emotionally,superb!Hard Kaur-(the only female indian Rapper with international fame) is excellent,and other characters perfect in their roles!!

Do listen: Kyun mein jagoon (by Shafqat Amanat Ali)

Patiala House