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Monday, May 30, 2011

Review-Stanley ka Dabba

About- a child named Stanley infact a child labor and the mystery behind his dabba(the tiffin box),who studies,go to school,works in a hotel,is an orphan and despite all these different shoddy parts of his life he is very active,bright scholar,cute enough,quite naughty yet lovable!!

Performances-Partho Gupte, the lead character Stanley is simply flawless in his every accents and behaves!!Being the son of the director Amol Gupte he proves that acting is in his whole generic system!!Amol Gupte as a teacher has done brilliant job,he is simply interesting to watch(esp the sequence where he lures his eyes on the students tiffin box),Divya Dutta in a sweet special role fits her image,other characters has nothing much to do!

Whats good?-the act and the story.

Whats bad?-the presentation is not much as expected as many things could have been done with those gr8 acting kids!

on the whole-Director Amol Gupte has done his job superbly,the movie takes you to your scholol days,the periods and the lunch break.Some portions might be boring but it retains you with a smile on your face as it ends up!

Rating-2.5\5, its only for the art movie lovers!

Friday, May 27, 2011



About-A boy dealing with the Haunted house for his business,who is also the savior of the evil spirit that had been blocked inside for many years,who in return gives every efforts including travelling back to the time and correcting the evil deeds leaving many fatal casaulties and protecting his the then love interest!!

Performances-Special mention to Tia Bajpai,who is the debutant actress cum an old singer,who is the entire attraction in this horror flick!!Mithun da's worthless actor son Mahakshay(Mimoh) Chakroborty has nothing much effective though he is also the central character,he always has the same expression throughout! all other characters are fit and fine!

On the whole-This horror flick will lead you grabbing your seats with the nails inside your mouth,awesome job by Director Vikram Bhatt(Raaz series,1920 fame).It seems he has been the god of Ghost and the horror cinema in B-town these days, as the Sampath brothers were in old time!Some scenes are really frightening,the background score often causes and maintains the chill effect!the 3-D effect is commentable!

Whats good?-story and the horror part,with touch of romance is well agitated and digestive.

whats bad?-male actor could have been any other than Mahakshay,could be worked much more in 3-D.

Rating-3/5, but for great horror and thrill and concept it deserves 4/5!!

Music-just enjoyable not much effective one!

Final verdict-Super hit!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review-Chalo Dilli

About- the wonderful, fun filled adventurous ride of a VIP business woman with a very ordinary Delhi man,facing much difficulties and the problems.

Performances-Vinay Pathak as a middle class business man,a jolly person and a trip colleague has done wonderful job,his act is beyond this world.Lara Dutta as a sophisticated,modern mid age woman is fine,seems she also has started learning the acting skills which is good for her.Other supportive characters are all set with a good timing.The cameo by Akshay Kumar is irrelevant and does not fit much.

What is Good?-the whole trip infact the adventure is awesome,made with great mind,it will not make you bore even for a while.

What is Bad?- ending could have been made not so serious, it would be better if it would have been left with the same comic sense eventhough it delivers a good lesson to the suave socialites.

Overall-Director Sashant Shah has to be acclaimed for his fine job,the movie is not to rush for,but can be enjoyed for the different feel,it will remind you of JAB WE MET but yet it is very different and lively,some of the dialogues are really punch packed.Music has not much to do,the title song is worth and the item dance by Yana Gupta lacks expression!

Rating-3\5,watch it for the performances!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review-Luv ka the End

About- the name suggests the literal end of LOVE and the character LUV,who dumps a girl and c in the revenge takes all the fun filled actions on him!!and there's no point of pardon at all!!

Performances-Shraddha kapoor has done very well as a collegiate and a heart broken strong modern girl,and all her gangs are worthful,Debutant actor Taaha Shah,has a great potential and he somehow manages to show a lot either being romantic,a gig,a sufferer or the negative,gr8 job dude!!Archana Puran Singh has a very little bit to offer and c is just a comic character!

Overall-the movie could have been made more seriously either the revenge portion or the love,seems story lacks the strength in many cases,as it has been targetted to the youths and is made completely by the new YRF youth wing, can see that the new gens will be attracted and love the movie,but other senior ones or critically it cant be acclaimed much.Some of the portions are really hilarious like Luv dating in the restaurant and being suffered with al those itching powders and glues etc,the fundas or the plans to make him down!!Music by Ram shampath is thik thak,just a timepass!!

Rating-3/5,better watch if u r free,get enjoyed and forget it inside the theatres!!

Music:fav picks,Tonite (by Suman shridhar),Mutton song(by krishna)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Review-Dum Maaro Dum

About-Goa and all the stuffs going inside this place rite from love,narcotics,sex to crime!!The story revolves around the different characters who are trapped in the same gossamer!!its much interesting to watch how these people cut the web laid by the drug mafias and rescue Goa giving back its fame and the heavenly scenario!!

Performances-Abhisekh as ACP Kamath is Bravo!!yess the junior Bachhan has now proved himself and given a bang to his defaming critics!!Prateik Babbar after Dhobighat is again sure to remain inside ur brain with his innocent performance, this boy is the gen next star!!Debutant South Star Rana Daggubati has given awesome entry in Bollywood,fit in his character!Bipasha Basu has nothing much to do,Aditya Pancholi is serious,arrogant and fits as a drug mafia!!

Direction-Rohan Sippy(of Bluffmaster,taxi no 9.2.11)has done a splendid job,the movie is all peppy,colory,slashy,sexy and full of styles and fun!!thanks to him for making such a good movie!!it was a treat Rohan!!


Minusses-Nothing,except the title track with Deepika wud have been made more hotter and sizzler,being aadhi nangi pangi doesnt mean that it looks glamorous,Deepika!!

on the whole-fresh and entertaining

Rating-4/5,thumbs up with ovation,Dont miss it!

Music-fav.picks-Te Amo(by Ash King and Sunidhi),,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

review-Shor in the City


About:it revolves around the different characters of a sub urban city where every one are the literal deaf in their day to day life and how they overcome their deafness and go mad to create the chaos, in fact a comic chaos, so called the Shor!!

Performances:The movie is an U-turn for Tusshar Kapoor(the vowel utterer of Golmaal fame),yes he is serious for the first time and his seriousness delivers a good effect!!The other actors like Nikhil Dwivedi,Sendhil Ramamurthy,Radhika Apte etc.are all the show stoppers of the movie!!

On the whole:Directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK has given their best to give a good movie!!Let u know they were the winners of the best director at New York Indian Film Festival,New York.Story plot is well defined though it take much time to get into the nerves but once it is held u"ll stuck to your seat!!Seems these days the trend of good low budget movies is in the air,,and let it be continue!!

Plus:interesting story line with a different feel!!

Minuses:though short movie it takes much time to get serious about what its trying to portray!!Quite unfinished ending!!

Rating:3/5 and a thumbs up for all the actors.

Music:fav picks;Saibbo (by Shreya and Tochi)