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Friday, May 27, 2011



About-A boy dealing with the Haunted house for his business,who is also the savior of the evil spirit that had been blocked inside for many years,who in return gives every efforts including travelling back to the time and correcting the evil deeds leaving many fatal casaulties and protecting his the then love interest!!

Performances-Special mention to Tia Bajpai,who is the debutant actress cum an old singer,who is the entire attraction in this horror flick!!Mithun da's worthless actor son Mahakshay(Mimoh) Chakroborty has nothing much effective though he is also the central character,he always has the same expression throughout! all other characters are fit and fine!

On the whole-This horror flick will lead you grabbing your seats with the nails inside your mouth,awesome job by Director Vikram Bhatt(Raaz series,1920 fame).It seems he has been the god of Ghost and the horror cinema in B-town these days, as the Sampath brothers were in old time!Some scenes are really frightening,the background score often causes and maintains the chill effect!the 3-D effect is commentable!

Whats good?-story and the horror part,with touch of romance is well agitated and digestive.

whats bad?-male actor could have been any other than Mahakshay,could be worked much more in 3-D.

Rating-3/5, but for great horror and thrill and concept it deserves 4/5!!

Music-just enjoyable not much effective one!

Final verdict-Super hit!!

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