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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not A Love Story - Promo - Ram Gopal Varma

First Look-get ready to be chilled-thrilled with this suspense thriller!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Review-Double Dhamaal

About-Good for nothing boys,Roy(Riteish),Adi(Arshad),Manav(Jaaved) & Boman(Aashish) who are the same characters of the prequel Dhamaal are again in want of money and luxuriate life,their encounter with Kabir(Sanjay) brings back their dwelling hope of wealth.But Kabir with his brainy tricks and all support of Kamini(Mallika) & sister kiya(Kangana) traps the four boys taking all the money and leave them with no option rather than to be punished by underworld don.But the four boys some how manage to escape and move to Macao where they again meet Kabir who is well settled there,they execute different plans to trap Kabir and take his entire money but get failed finally and are treated badly for their misbehaves with master minded Kabir.

Performances-Riteish Deshmukh is a visual comic treat,his perfect comic timing and gigs,caricature,etc make him a established comedian.Arshad is back after long time with his Munnabhai  series flavor of comedy,he has done well,Jaaved is remarkable for his special tune as in its prequel,Ashish Chaudhary is noticable(esp while he appear as a lady),Kangana and Mallika are fine but they are overshadowed by the actors,Sanjay Dutt is hilarious,he delivers his comic portion with ease and effctively,Satish Kaushik can be seen after a long time and he is there with good comedy!!

What's Good?-Some scenes are novice,different get-up by the actors, music, entertaining throughout!!

What's Bad?-script could have been much tighter and interesting,it lacks brain and belly tickling comic punches as in its prequel Dhamaal.

Rating-2.5\5,Dhamaal was much better in fact best than Double Dhamaal,throw your logic out while watching,simply get brainless and laugh!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


About-five characters of different background and status but having the mischievious behaviour of same kind get altogether and become a good friends or a sort of shaitan gangs,their ultimate motto is only fun! But a serious mishap of a night,makes their life hellish one,a cracked idea or an uneffective thought trap their life and they keep running from the cops.In order to give a successful end to their idea, they go on repeating mistakes leaving some casaulties and some losing their life!!

Performances-Rajeev Khandelwal as a psycho,angry cop is simply best,Kalki Koechlin as a mentally disturbed girl,similarly the other characters played by Shiv Pandit,Neil Bhopalam,Kirti Kulhari and Gulshan Devaiya are unmatchable!!Though all the actors are of conventional type,they are unbeatable in comparison to many established actors of Bollywood.

What's Good-entire movie is damn good,the cinematography and background score is superb!

What's bad-Nothing but the masala movie lovers may find it boring.

On the whole-Director Bijoy Nambiar shows his potential in this whole movie,each character is well planned,executed and presented,thumbs up man!!the youths will surely love this flick and will re-discover the real shaitaan in them,its simply best!

Rating-4.5\5 dont miss it if u like unconventional flicks!!U'll surely carry this one in your brain when you move out of the theatre!

Chillar Party - Tai Tai Phiss - Ranbir Kapoor's First Item Song - Only o...

Exclusive-breaking the trend of item dance only by actresses,presenting Ranbir Kapoor doing an item number for the first time!!

Chillar Party - Official Trailer

Exclusive-this summer get ready to chill with this cool kid flick!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review-Pyaar Ka Punchnama

About-three friends living together,enjoying their single frustrated yet jovial life among themselves who are in full swing to be in a relationship,things get interesting as they find their love interest,they move ahead with it either being in a living relationship or a friend but the situation gets harsh when they overcome those relations,they find losing their selfness and realize that being single is much better than being in a relationship.

Performances-three debutant actors Kartik Tiwari, Raayo S Bakhirta and Divyendu Sharma are the treat to watch for,they are so lively and represent the flashy bachelor character well,the whole movie is around them and of course is only for them,the actresses are well good and pretty.

what's good?-enitre concept and the characterisation is well portrayed,the dialogues are vulgar and hilarious yet very serious and interesting.the first half is best.

What's bad?-it could have been quite shorter,seems the movie is being stretched time and again,the second half gets much serious.

On the whole-Director Luv Ranjan has shown all his caliber to make this young age flick a fresh one,and he has succeeded in it!Though the storyline resembles Dil To Bachha Hai Ji but it provides more insight into the plot,the actors are its USP,some of the sequences are so fresh as never seen before(like a speech of about 3 minutes delivered by kartik containing all the Do's and Dont's of a living relationship,affair,etc!)

Rating-***,its for single or who are in a relationship,should watch once!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


About-Prem(Salman Khan) and his love interest Sanjhana(Asin) who has run from her home in the marriage nite,co-incidentally she meets Prem at the airport who is waiting for the other girl Puja to arrive from U.S,but Sanjhana giving her false identity make her way to his home and remains there making all his family members impressed!After few incidents these couple are in love to each other.Story changes when Sanjhana's uncles forcefully want to marry her to their wife's brother and Prem starts fighting wisely for his love life changing the Don uncles into good humans,making and fulfilling love in their life,and finally forcing them to move in the better track,at last as expected all goes well and the Hum Saath Saath Hain feel overtakes the end of this entertainer!!

Performances-Salman Khan is unmatchable,a perfect package or a Dhamaka for an entertaining movie like this,he is the soul and heart of this mesmerizing comedy flick! Asin is back after long time and she again tries to create the charisma on screen but seems dull quite at moment,she rules with her expressions.Paresh Rawal is perfect as always,all other characters as family members are well tuned up!Cameo by Ajay, Sanjay, Kangna,Arbaaz are relevant,Item dance by Zarine Khan is already a big hit but hope she will work on her body language a little bit for the next time.

On the Whole-Director Anees Bazmee(of Singh is Kingh,Welcome fame)has done a splendid job,after few flops he have well worked on his minusses and so have delivered a better movie this time,the comedy portion is superb,all characters esp.Salman having the perfect comic timing and mood humor makes this a jovial ride!The sequences where Salman is on the effort to tie up Sanjhana's uncle are really fun filled,good chemistry,perfect plot creation,good climax and a best music by Pritam,makes this movie a strictly watchable!!

What's good?- overall performances,dialogues,music and a feel good moment throughout and finally Salman,Salman And Salman.

What's bad?-the romance portion is limited within songs only,it could have been focussed much.

Rating-4/5, should watch if you are READY to be entertained!

Music-do listen and enjoy all the tracks,all tracks are best!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review-Ragini MMS

About-some paranormal activities occuring between the duo Ragini and Uday in their romantic date to a distant farmhouse,which is a planned setting by Uday to trap their love scenes for his benefits,but the ultimate plot changes due the obstacle and the series of incidence caused by the witch present in the house!!

Performances-Kainaz Motivala as Ragini has shown her top notch performance whether it be love making scenes or the horror portions.Raj Kumar Yadav as Uday is brilliant,is well portrayed as an excited guy!

On the Whole-Director Pawan Kripalani is up to mark and should receive all kudos for the movie,the actors are brilliant, their cozy love scenes are simply fun and exciting to watch for,mostly the horror portions are really going through the blood,it just creates the freezy air of horror around,thanks to its handycam effect which makes movie much realistic.

What's good?-the actors performance,their sizzling chemistry,the spine chilling horror,the realistic feel!

What's bad?-it could have been bit lengthier but its ok,other baddies are difficult to find.

Rating-5/5,its best of its genre,not for the light-hearted ones and plz do not watch all alone!