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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


About-Prem(Salman Khan) and his love interest Sanjhana(Asin) who has run from her home in the marriage nite,co-incidentally she meets Prem at the airport who is waiting for the other girl Puja to arrive from U.S,but Sanjhana giving her false identity make her way to his home and remains there making all his family members impressed!After few incidents these couple are in love to each other.Story changes when Sanjhana's uncles forcefully want to marry her to their wife's brother and Prem starts fighting wisely for his love life changing the Don uncles into good humans,making and fulfilling love in their life,and finally forcing them to move in the better track,at last as expected all goes well and the Hum Saath Saath Hain feel overtakes the end of this entertainer!!

Performances-Salman Khan is unmatchable,a perfect package or a Dhamaka for an entertaining movie like this,he is the soul and heart of this mesmerizing comedy flick! Asin is back after long time and she again tries to create the charisma on screen but seems dull quite at moment,she rules with her expressions.Paresh Rawal is perfect as always,all other characters as family members are well tuned up!Cameo by Ajay, Sanjay, Kangna,Arbaaz are relevant,Item dance by Zarine Khan is already a big hit but hope she will work on her body language a little bit for the next time.

On the Whole-Director Anees Bazmee(of Singh is Kingh,Welcome fame)has done a splendid job,after few flops he have well worked on his minusses and so have delivered a better movie this time,the comedy portion is superb,all characters esp.Salman having the perfect comic timing and mood humor makes this a jovial ride!The sequences where Salman is on the effort to tie up Sanjhana's uncle are really fun filled,good chemistry,perfect plot creation,good climax and a best music by Pritam,makes this movie a strictly watchable!!

What's good?- overall performances,dialogues,music and a feel good moment throughout and finally Salman,Salman And Salman.

What's bad?-the romance portion is limited within songs only,it could have been focussed much.

Rating-4/5, should watch if you are READY to be entertained!

Music-do listen and enjoy all the tracks,all tracks are best!

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