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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Performances- Shahrukh Khan as Shekhar is fine , trying and fully playing the comic version. Shahrukh as is comparitively more better than Shekhar, one can just imagine how Shahrukh can do justice to a superhero character but u should not forget that this time its a super hero with a heart. Yes ! his fans will not be disappointed. Kareena Kapoor doing a perfect modern mom with lots of slangs to her mouth, the romantic Kareena cant be seen much this time. Otherwise she is fit for her attitude,little bit of drama and all those humorous acts. Arjun Rampal as Ra. One is a perfect villian.Though he doesnt know acting much but he fits for his villianous attitude and sound. Armaan Verma as Shahrukh's son is noteworthy, he stands out with his act. Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra in a guest appearance are waste of time,the sequence in which they have been introduced is totally bakwaaas!!! Superstar Rajnikanth's guest appearance isnt also so impressive but with due respect its an honour to see him on the screen.

What's Good?- the special effects, songs and  performances!!

What's Bad?- the starting of the movie with a action sequence between Shahrukh and Sanjay is not good at all, Climax is also not so thrilling as expected, the story can be predicted very well.

Overall- Anubhav Sinha, director of bumper flop Cash (2007), is the director of the movie who has tried every aspect to bring out his best but his efforts get deemed at times,the movie being based on video game character fails to bring the humanly thrills and curiousity throughout.The movie has been all and all carried out on the backbone of special effects. The fact cant be denied that with this movie Bollywood film has crossed another level of special effects and a superhero role,this trend will be further continued with its sucess. Though the movie has already set opening records internationally beating other major hits this year but the movie isn't as much as expected.

Rating: 3/5,the movie isnt as exciting as promos show,watch it if u r a fan of Shahrukh, worth for kids, watchable for adults also, simply.. just a timepass!!

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