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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review-Luv ka the End

About- the name suggests the literal end of LOVE and the character LUV,who dumps a girl and c in the revenge takes all the fun filled actions on him!!and there's no point of pardon at all!!

Performances-Shraddha kapoor has done very well as a collegiate and a heart broken strong modern girl,and all her gangs are worthful,Debutant actor Taaha Shah,has a great potential and he somehow manages to show a lot either being romantic,a gig,a sufferer or the negative,gr8 job dude!!Archana Puran Singh has a very little bit to offer and c is just a comic character!

Overall-the movie could have been made more seriously either the revenge portion or the love,seems story lacks the strength in many cases,as it has been targetted to the youths and is made completely by the new YRF youth wing, can see that the new gens will be attracted and love the movie,but other senior ones or critically it cant be acclaimed much.Some of the portions are really hilarious like Luv dating in the restaurant and being suffered with al those itching powders and glues etc,the fundas or the plans to make him down!!Music by Ram shampath is thik thak,just a timepass!!

Rating-3/5,better watch if u r free,get enjoyed and forget it inside the theatres!!

Music:fav picks,Tonite (by Suman shridhar),Mutton song(by krishna)

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