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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movie Review

Thank You

About:very straight story showing the naughty husbands doing mischevious things behind their wives eyes,and as usual Bollywood Rona Dhona,a saviour enters their life and finally the husbands are back on their track!!!

Performances:Bobby,Suniel are so and usual giving the same expressions as always,Akshay has improved his selection of role who not being majorly in the plot also has focussed all the attention and has given his perfect comic mood!!Special mention to Irrfan and Rimi Sen,, are simply best in any role given to them,they are the real talents!Celina and Sonam kapoor are useless,Sonam kapoor who had a dinchak entry from Saawariya and has always been known for her beauty seems to be dull this time,c is not able to lure the audiences from any angle!!

On the whole:except some comic sequences,its only a message conveying movie(esp. for the married couples) rather than to be called as a comic one!!Director Anees Bazmee(of singh is king,welcome fame)has given his upto deed but seems script lack fun and interest esp in the second half,some might get bored watching this flick,music is best,atleast it is best!

Music pick:Pyarr do..pyar lo (Mika singh),Full volume(Neeraj Shreedhar,Richa Sharma)

Rating:2\5,watch at your own risk.

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