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Monday, October 3, 2011


Performances- Shahid Kapoor as Harry has done his job perfectly, a countryside boy, a patroit officer, all character suits him and his looks need all praise throughout. Sonam Kapoor as Aayat, a kashmiri girl is well trained and maintained. She impresses audiences with her charming looks,elegance and innocent behaves, given good scripts she has lots nd lots of potential. Supriya Pathak has effectively carried throughout.

Ups-performances by actors and cinematography by Binod Pradhan is awesome, music is the soul of the movie.

Downs-script is disaster, movie offers nothing new and different, blend of artistic cinema and masala cinema goes bland, many scenes in the movie tries to portray many things but is uneffective and audience get no connections about what is happening?, it seems that movie's caption 'timeless love story' is limited only with the changing of time, that also the war time either a hindu-muslim war, Ayodhya masjid war, US Pentagon attack, Mumbai attack etc! Cant understand what the movie was especially about?

On the Whole-for a theatre actor and director like Pankaj Kapur the movie might be much anticipating but it would have been better if he have directed the movie as an audience also, he tries to convey many things but haphazardly, movie is too lengthy to be spent without a 3-4 yawns(minimum), good promotions, better actors and even soulful music cant save this movie from the camaflauge at the box-office.

Rating-2\5,big blunder of Indian cinema, dont even take risk just dont watch, u'll curse director, script writer nd urself too,disappointing!!

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