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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review-Housefull 2

Performances- Akshay Kumar is the show stealer, his perfect comic timings and attitude with comic sense is really praiseworthy. Khiladi Kumar is back with his notorious act and looks, you will be surprised to see him back in his old comic days. John Abraham has lot more to progress in his comic acts but still he is not bad. Shreyas is just negligible. Riteish is always a humorous guy in his movies and as usual he is perfect in whatever he does. Asin, Jacqueline are just ok, indeed they are only to charm your eyes and the actors,no acting and script in their favors. Zarine and Shazahn are worthless fare, it feels their posters only would have been sufficient to lure audiences.
Other gangs of old actors Rishi and Randheer Kapoor, Boman Irani are superb,they deliver all types of acts throughout the script. With no surprise, Mithun daa is all their with his arrogance and suitable role to his hand, he still has the cinematic charisma over the screen. Chunky Pandey carries his part efficiently and humorously.

Whats Good?- Akshay's act is really good. Story/plot is interesting. Music is a plus point and item dance by Anarkali aka Mallaika Arorora Khan is the treat to eyes.

What's Bad?- many low loops throughout the story, its not perfect comedy movie in all parts, lacks sufficient punches. 

Overall- Director Sajid Khan has handled many sequences effectively. Its better than Housefull in many parts but it lacks actress presence than Housefull. Akshay's  'HYAAAAAIII,kyun thakreli hai' is awesome, its effect remains even after the movie ends. 

Ratings- 3/5, watch it for light entertainment and for Akshay Kumar.

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