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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review- Barfi

Performances- Ranbir Kapoor as a mute and a happy go lucky man throughout the movie is spectacular. He proves that The Kapoors are always the talented one right from the ancestry Prithvi Raj Kapoor coming to his age of today where he leaves all other actors of similar age far beyond in terms of performance. Last year's Rockstar showed his agressive nature and won many hearts with awards. This time he shows his charming, naughty and innocent side and sure to win all others who were not impressed yet. Ranbir not only shows a strong screen presence but also makes the lead character as his own. Moments shared with both the actresses is awesome. Well done Ranbir and Congrats in advance for the awards!!!
Priyanka Chopra with her autistic act has catched up every nerves this time. You would have never ever expected that she is such a good actress. The way she fits into the character with her de-glam look and new get up is simply a lesson to the newbies.
Illeana De'Cruz debuts well with this movie. Her skinny look is really appreciated for the romantic portion in the movie, but her old age looks doesn't fit her body language. Apart from that, she plays both the pre-marriage and post-marriage portion and the struggler for her love with great ease and convenience.
Other actors like Shaurabh Shukla, Bhola Raj Sapkota, Rupa Ganguly have done a fair job with their portions.

Whats Good?- Story and the way of story telling is best. The complete love shown between the incomplete people is par beyond excellence. Music is wow and already a blockbuster. Performance by the actresses and of course the one and only one Ranbir Kapoor.

Whats Bad?- Difficult to find.

Overall- Director Anurag Basu (Life in a metro fame, Gangster, Kites fame ) does a good job with his presentation of handicapped people in a new way as they used to be presented as a mentally, socially challenged, dull and boring people always. Every moments are soulful, connecting to the audience and simply a visual treat to the audience. After months of masala south remake entertainer and scriptless blockbuster, this is the movie with strong bond between performance, script, actors and audience.

Rating- 5/5, just go for it. Its time to watch a feel good movie with a smile!!!!

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