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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review-Murder 2

Performances-Emraan Hashmi is as usual,not so impressive except in the kissing scenes,Jacqueline seems to be bold and beautiful this time but lacks the feel for Bollywood movies,Prashant Narayanan as the villian is superb,in fact in the whole film he is the person to be watched for and also debutant Sulagna Pamigri as Reshma has done her best!

What's Good?- Erotic portion and thrill effect is good,music is best and is already a super hit!

What's Bad?-movie offers nothing so important and interesting in preference to its prequel Murder(2004),story could have been much tighter,sufficient condiments are lacking!

Overall-Director Mohit Suri (of woh lamhe,kalyug fame)has tried many things to offer but it seems story lacks sufficient romance & suspense and so he cant help himself,though Bhatt camp always try to present sex with thrill movies but this time it doesnt seem to be much interesting! it would have been better if the superhit songs were included in the movie and presented with gracious effect.

Rating-2\5, dont have any X-factor to be watched for,prequel Murder was far more better and u definitely miss Mallika Sherawat!

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