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Monday, July 4, 2011

Review-Delhi Belly

About-Tashi (Imran Khan),Nitin (kunal) and Arup (vir Das) who are the roommates,their not so interesting life goes into a hilarious fun track when they are trapped by the smugglers in a diamond smuggling case which is actually an innocent job done by Sonia (Shenaz) who is the love interest of Tashi,the entire problem is tackled by the guys with the help of another tend to be divorcee Menaka (Pooma). Atlast ,they all tend to escape but Sonia leaves Tashi,and three guys get a bulky amount of money!!

Performances-Imran Khan,Kunal Roy Kapur and Vir Das are the show stoppers,their perfect chemistry as rowdies are eyecatching,Shenaz has nothing much to do and she leaves no impact,Debutant Pooma Jagannathananother girl from foreign land is soundable,she has impressive body language and has given some great cozy scenes with Imran!She is to be noticed in Bollywood.Other characters are up to the mark as desired by the story.

What's Good?-Entire movie is entertaining,the filthy languages make you laugh always,the untidy,muddy setting seems to be prefect and suits the plot,music (by Ram Sampath) ofcourse has nothing much to do but is best!

What's Bad?-Knowing the fact it is an entire adult movie,some conservative ones might dislike some scenes or the languages.

On the Whole-After the superflop Game (2011),Director Abhinay Deo has done a great job,it shows he has really tied up his boots!Special mention to the writer Akshat Verma who took enitre 3 years to complete the script and correct it,it pays his gruelling job!some scenes are new,different and worthy!

Rating-4\5 go and watch it!!

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