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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Performances-Amitabh Bachhan as Principal of a college reminds of his days back to Mohabbatein but here the total issue is social not the romantic one.He is already a qualified superstar so to fault his acting skill would be a shame to us,he infact does his role with a lot of effectiveness, the movie is enitrely for him.Saif Ali Khan as an underprivileged student and a teacher is fine,Deepika Padukone does her role with natural fluency and some of the dialogues delivery portion by her is nice.Prateik Babbar has nothing much to offer,he is completely expressionless,Manoj Bajpai suits the character of a bad; money oriented Principal.

Ups-The social issue raised about the reservation system for underprivileged ones on education policy,money oriented schooling and college education is praiseworthy,some of the fine dialogues sequences keeps the movie issue based,performances by the actors are the movie USPs while music is quite ok with only two hit tracks that unfortunately ends in the first part itself!

Downs-movie being completely a social one it raises many questions and eagerness within the audience regarding the ending of the movie but it ends in a fine note restricting itself to the personal issue that might be unsatisfactory to some audiences.

Overall-Director Prakash Jha who is well known for such genres of movie(Rajneeti,Gangaajal,Apharan fame) have again tried his hand in same genre and yes he his successful to some extent but having watched this one audience will feel that his previous movies were much more issue based,conflicting and satisfactory.Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is ok for such movies were music has less scope.

Rating-3\5,watch it if u like social issue based movies,watch it for acting of the stars,dont run seeing Saif-Deepika pair cauz they are not the romantic filmy pair here!

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