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Monday, December 26, 2011

Review-Don2,the king is back!

Performances-Shahrukh Khan as Don is very good in the movie for all bad reasons.His character is set with flawless dialogues filled with lots of grudges and scratches and no doubt he does as effectively as in Anjaam,Darr,Baazigar and Don. When compared to his pre release Ra.One,Shahrukh is praiseworthy and the character suits him well.Cent percent job by him,he holds the every breath of his character till the last second! Priyanka Chopra as Roma,the cop is tolerable!!Every minute of chase between Roma and Don is well sketched! Boman Irani fits as a negative innocent character,Kunal Kapoor is ok.Laara Dutta has just smiling scenes throughout.

What's Good?- movie's stylish and interesting presentation,dialogues,some action scenes,chase between Don the dog and his wild cat Roma and Shahrukh's screen presence.

What's bad?-illogical ideas and any possibilities for Don inspite of whatever securities. Only Don's character has been focussed and seems script has been checked and re-checked only for him,other characters have been totally overshadowed!

Overall-Director Farhan Akhtar has given his best, totally the movie has nail biting thrill and interesting sequences, would love to see more portions between Shahrukh and Priyanka but not ignoring the fact that its not a romantic flick,it can be considered.Script could have been more tighter if other characters would also have some interesting deeds and dialogues to offer instead of only Don.Music has no scope!

Rating-3/5,is an interesting flick,Shahrukh's fan will cry,howl,clap and whistle over his dialogues and poses,movie will work for its star values,style and performances esp by Don,Shahrukh the king is after all back!!!!

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