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Friday, December 2, 2011

Review-The Dirty Picture

Performances- Vidya Balan as 80's south sex siren Silk Smitha is unexpectedly bold, beautiful throughout and you would think Vidya a sex symbol??Definitely YES!!! She looks too terrific in her act, her voice command, body language, character is absolutely neat and would create hangover for many hours.Though she has many vulgar dialogues and scenes but you will not feel a pinch of it even her fiatso body and hanging belly looks stunning and sexy rather than any other Zero Figures in the industry.The movie is all and all for Vidya and point to be noted she will take all possible Best Actress Awards for 2011. Naseeruddin Shah as South Super Star is perfect, his acting skills will again create buzz around as usual, his chemistry with Vidya is a magic over the screen, wow!! Tusshar Kapoor as a writer and a sweet lover is well, he has few interesting scenes too. Emraan Hashmi as a director and a hard core protestor cum lover of Silk is superb, throughout the movie he seems to be interesting.

What's Good?- the story line which is a real life based story, the stunning performances, music by Vishal Shekhar, Dialogues and Vidya Vidya and only Vidya!!!

What's Bad?- the second half goes bit lengthier and slow but it will not mark any difficulties for the audience otherwise the bad portions are hard to find, family audience may find the movie vulgar but hope the indian movie audiences already have digested such movies.

Overall-Director Milan Luthria (once upon a time in Mumbai fame) has done splendid job, the dialogue writer Rajat Arora should also get enough credits and kudos for the movie. The entire portion of the movie has entertainment, entertainment and entertainment and just remember Vidya Balan as Silk Smitha is an entertainment ;)

Rating-5\5, lots of whistles and claps with standing ovation, deserving crawl to theatres for a second watch, hats off to entire crew, esp. Vidya Balan .What a movie yaar!!!

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