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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review- Ekk Main aur Ekk Tu

Performance- Kareena Kapoor with her hubbly bubbly character is all around to set your mind with a gen next image,very similar to her Jab We Met character. She does her role with such an ease and charisma that you feel and wish for such a fren, in fact a girl fren in real life too. Imran Khan is all ok as a mumma's/dad's boy,very unsure of his life, his paths and the goal, he portrays a young boy who has complains with his own life style. New face of Imran can be seen throughout. Boman Irani is perfect,his screen presence is always enjoyable and interesting.

What's Good?- The presentation in first half is really enjoyable. Music and the moments in Las Vegas is simply wow!

What's Bad?- the movie starts with a light hearted comedy and a general relation of a girl and a boy but it ends into the normal serious going love stories, family rebels etc. though presented in modern version.

Overall- It can be a perfect gift for this Valentine's season (as Promoted) but lacks those lovable, messmerizing and enjoyable moments. At the start you could think its gonna be interesting flick with many punches and new definition to a love story but sadly you will only have few glossy moments in your memories. Though the movie starts with a marriage and ends up in friendship but it is not connecting at many times.  Performance wise movie is all ok and it has interesting plot as well but the main reason it will not gather word of mouth is its declining strength in the story and the lack of moments.

Rating- 2/5, watch it only for Kareena and Imran otherwise the movie is all about being single, remaining single and watching it single cauz no one watch bad movies in group:)

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