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Sunday, March 11, 2012


First of all huge congrats to Vidya Balan for winning the National Award for best actress 2011 for her outstanding performance in blockbuster THE DIRTY PICTURE.

Performances- No words to praise talent mine Vidya Balan for her performance in this flick.This is not her first time that she has performed well but it is again different way,different story and feel. Balan has just finely walked with her role as a pregnant woman throughout the movie. She is the only lead actor in the movie without any so called Hero,and she delivers it without any doubt.I just praise her personally and completely bow for her brilliant bravura performance. No doubt another award winning performance vidya!!! Take a note,you are the superstar if I would called any actresses in today's date. Other supporting actors like Parambrata chaaterjee as Satyaki, NawaZuddin Siddique as Khan are superb.

What's Good?- Story, script, cinematography, plot, direction and well selection of actors and acting. Vidya Balan is the best of all.

What's Bad?- No bad points,,,,Yess not at all.

Overall- Director Sujoy Ghosh (of Jhankaar Beats fame) has emerged as a top notch director with this flick, being a Bengoli he has well used the culture and filming the sequence related to it.Music has nothing much to do in this flick but it never gives you a chance to miss that point. It is well written and tied up and promises audience to sit and stare.With every second you are intensified and remain shocked when movie ends. When you get out the plexes you will carry bunch of answers to the emerging questions raised by the sequences in the movie. Some sequences like Vidya's search for her husband, entangled mission, the Durga Puja feel in the movie and the climax sequence are simply best.

Rating- 5/5 and a thumbs up to the entire team. Thanks for making such a good movie. All praises to Vidya Balan once again and congrats for another award in the future. Not to be missed, Exclusively Recommended!!!!!

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