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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review- JANNAT 2

Performance- Emraan Hashmi as Sonu Dilli KKC(kutti kameeni cheez) is far beyond excellent, no actor would be imagined in this character except him, well planned choice of the makers. His perfect screen match up with the role is incredible,he fits in the role of a gun supplier.When coming to romantic and love making scenes;he is born for that. Another hit Emraan,well done!!!
Another Actor should say the hidden talent is Randeep Hooda, he is the other person without whom the movie would not work. Every sequence between Hashmi and Hooda is worth watching.
Debutant Esha Gupta is charismatic and looks beautiful throughout but has to learn bit of acting skills,two males completely dominate movie with their performance.

Whats Good?- The dialogues, sequences between Randeep and Emraan, romance, of course the super hit music and praiseworthy performance by the actors(not the actress).

Whats Bad?- same old gangster story, no new presentation, quite and predictable climax.

Overall- Though the movie is well predictable and with same old concept but is worth watching throughout. Director Kunal Deshmukh has taken a big risk with the same concept of gangster-police type movie but with no doubt he will pull audiences with music,acting, Emraan-Randeep performance and the few love making scenes. The climax would have been better with lots of more chase and actions.The end portion where Esha is not told anything about Emraan is quite unique and would be liked by the audience. Comparing Jannat and Jannat2, it would be worth saying that Jannat was more dumdaar in case of story and actress. Jannat 2 is different and not at all related to Jannat,I doubt if movie would create the same hype without its prequel name before release ( if it would have been given any new name).

Rating- 3/5, movie is watchable, a good time pass but its not better than Jannat.Watch it for Emraan and Randeep,yess definitely another success for Emraan and Bhatt camp after Raaz 2 & Murder 2!!!

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