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Monday, May 14, 2012

Review- IshaQzaade

Performance- Hats off to both the leading actors Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra,the Yash Raj Films  presents another big jodi in Bollywood after Shahrukh-Kajol & Anushka-Ranveer.
Arjun Kapoor infact Debutant Kapoor has delivered a great caliber in his acting skills, the rusty and noisy character suits him well, he reflects his auncle's (Anil Kapoor) Tapori look throughout the movie, his innocence behind those dirty smile and dirty face is very likeable specially when the story demands that.
Parineeti Chopra is another actress to be watched in B-town, she will be leading the industry soon. Her loud and arrogant performance in the movie reminds you of many actresses but she is different from all of them. This new couple is the USP of the movie, well performed guys!!!
Gauhar Khan with her item numbers and special appearance is ok.

What's Good?- Presentation of the movie, songs, music, actors performance and those clashes between Arjun and Parineeti.

What's Bad?- lack of some good action scenes. It seems movie ends up too fast because you dont want such good movie to finish up soon.

Overall- Director Habib Faisal (of Do Dooni Char, 2011) has a great talent in the way of his story telling, his ability to direct the actors so well is really appreciable. These new actors doesnt seem to be new at all and the credit all goes to the director. The music is already a bumper hit with its unique tracks and lyrics. Songs like Chookra Jawaan and Aashiq Jhalla has been well shot and are good numbers. The every scene where Arjun and Parineeti meet each other are the moments to be cherished. Small subjects like Hindu-Muslim cultural differences, their marriage problems, the politics and the growing love between their children has been presented very well. The same old content has been thoroughly studied and has been presented with all new flavors and aroma. It feels like you have seen a successful revised version of Ek Duje Ke Liye, Sohni-Mahiwaal, Lailaa-Majnu, DDLJ and many other. 

Rating- 4/5, romantic movie with a difference, not to be missed!!!!

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