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Monday, June 25, 2012

Review-Teri Meri Kahaani

PerformancesShahid Kapoor best in pre- independence role as Javed, his shayaris are really good and you feel like hearing them again.Other two eras are just ok for ShahidPriyanka normal in all her eras. She could have been screened much better and her 1960's role needs a lot of improvement in terms of accent,looks and even dress and hair styles. Prachi Desai is good has been totally overshadowed.

Whats good? - Music and performances.

Whats Bad?- poor story telling, lack of some interesting sequence and dialogues(except in the Javed-Aradhana era), the audience cannot connect with the emotional and romantic scenes, at times you feel why the hell are you watching this movie??

Overall- Disappointing direction by such a talented director Kunal Kohli ( Hum Tum, Fanaa fame), he should really look for some new concept to present the love sagas in B-town cauz audience are fed up of watching all this rubbish. The movie starts quite well but is really boring after 10-15 minutes, movie goes slow in parts, very predictable. It would have been more effective if director would have presented the story with equal emotions and love in a single era rather than serving this uncooked Khichdi to the audience. The eras have been well set up but you need to have connection with the characters (or atleast should be interesting) while you watch a movie,which is fully lacking. Even actors Shahid and Priyanka have come up with the same type of  performance which we have seen ample of times by them and other actors as well. Sorry Kunal you made a bumper flop this time.

Rating- 2/5 for this Tedhi Medhi Kahaani. Better not to watch. Do not ruin ur time, money and mood.

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